Michael B. Angelo


Michael B. Angelo is a highly skilled portrait photographer, known for his ability to capture the essence in one meticulous "booth-like" setting. With a deep passion for both art and technology, Michael has honed his skills in lighting, composition, and post-processing to produce stunning and unique portraits that showcase beauty and personality.

Michael's journey in photography began in 2009, when he discovered his love for capturing the world around him in the south of Spain. He spent years as a street artist, growing his social following through his own art and capturing other who he created with. Since then, he has focused on the craft of portrait photography, constantly refining his process from pose to print.

Michael takes great pride in creating a comfortable and collaborative environment that allows his subjects to relax and be themselves during their portrait sessions. Through building strong relationships with his clients and efficiently planning for the needs and desires of a session (be it 5 minutes or 5 hours), Michael is able to produce images that not only capture their physical appearance but also their unique spirit and energy.

Michael's work as a portrait photographer celebrates the diversity and individuality of each of his subjects, creating images that are not only beautiful but also meaningful and deeply personal. His commitment to excellence and his passion for his craft make him a highly sought-after portrait photographer. Capturing the truth of someone's essence and joy is the moment he loves the most.